Daedalus Touch x-callback-url Support

With version 1.7, Daedalus Touch adds support to x-callback-urls, allowing other apps to trigger certain actions in Daedalus Touch such as creating new sheets or searching for a string in a stack.

The URL Scheme

The used scheme is daedalus://.

Every action can be called through the x-callback-url API using the following format:

daedalus://x-callback-url/[action]?[x-callback parameters]&[action parameters]

For more information regarding the URL format, see the official specification.

Available Actions

In the following, all available actions are detailed. Please note that for reasons of clarity, the examples are not yet URL escaped. For instance, all whitespace must be replaced with %20.



Creates a new sheet.


Example: To create a new sheet with the title “Star Trek” inside the stack “Movie Quotes”:

daedalus://x-callback-url/new-sheet?stackTitle=Movie Quotes&title=Star Trek

To add content while creating the sheet:

daedalus://x-callback-url/new-sheet?stackTitle=Movie Quotes&title=Star Trek&content=Nooooooo


Creates a new stack.


Example: Create a new stack with the name “Summer Holidays”:

daedalus://x-callback-url/new-stack?title=Summer Holidays


Opens the stack with the given title. If no stack can be found with the name, an error is returned to the calling application.


Example: Open the new stack with the name “Lecture Notes”:

daedalus://x-callback-url/open-stack?title=Lecture Notes

Searches either all stacks or just a specific one for a string.


Example: Search for “Clara” in the stack “Summer Holidays”:

daedalus://x-callback-url/search?query=Clara&title=Summer Holidays

x-callback Parameters

In addition to Daedalus’ action parameters, the generic x-callback parameters can also be included. All of these are optional.

Example: If a new stack should be created and the user wants to return to the calling app (say, “SourceApp”) afterwards, use the following URL (line breaks are for legibility):

    title=Lecture Notes