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Daedalus Touch

The world’s sexiest writing app

Daedalus Touch – Text Editor for iCloud - Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG
“A purist and minimalist’s dream.”
  Jennnifer Allen, 148apps

Simple, powerful & flat-out gorgeous

iPhone Sheets

The Paper Stack Metaphor

Daedalus makes way with file lists of old. Folders, documents, extensions? There’s none of this. There’s just an infinite number of stacks, holding an infinite number of sheets.

Interaction is fully gesture-based: Swipe to navigate, tap to edit, pinch to close. It’s intuitive, natural, and beautifully animated.

iPhone Action

Fully Committed: Universal iCloud

Daedalus Touch is a universal app – you buy once, and use it on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Turn on iCloud to effortlessly sync your writings across all your devices, and have a backup ready whenever you need it.

Apropos backups: Daedalus supports syncing to Dropbox, or any WebDAV server. Security by diversity. Just in case.

iPhone ePub

From Text to ePub, Markdown* Style

Write in Daedalus, beef up in Pages? Sure. Just “open in”, or email, print, share TXT, PDF, RTF or ePub – it’s all there. Attachments, single & multiple files, zipped and unzipped… no compromises, just endless export love.

*Markdown conversion is offered during export.

Bring Your Own Fonts

Daedalus lets you write in any font you like. Title, body – your choice. And you’re not limited to iOS 7’s list of pre-installed typefaces either. Simply download your favorite font and “Open In Daedalus”.

On iOS: Tap to download, then “Open In…”, then select Daedalus.


Daedalus Touch offers complex customization and productivity options.
Without ever getting in your way. Or in your face. No, really.

step-left step-right
Daedalus Screen 1
Daedalus Screen 2
Daedalus Screen 3

Best In Class Button Row: Smart character insertion and full customization, including on-the-fly key switcher.

Interface Themes: Multiple styles to suit your preference, mood and working hours.

Modeless, App-Wide Search: Find what you’re looking for. Anywhere. Anytime.

App Store Badge

Fully integrated into Ulysses III

Start at work, continue on the bus, revise in bed and publish from your living room.
Daedalus Touch is fully integrated into Ulysses’ library, with zero setup necessary.

Ulysses III Screen 2

If you use Ulysses III on Mac, Daedalus Touch will get its own sidebar section, with automatic sync of all stacks and sheets via iCloud.

Built to Impress: Tech Specs & Features

# BASE FEATURES Robust Plain Text Editor · Support For Markdown File Extensions & Style Conversions · TextExpander Integration · Four Distinct Color Schemes, Including Night Mode # iOS INTEGRATION All-Out Gestures · Full iCloud Sync & Backup · Built-In Web Browser (iPad) · Dynamic Type (Size, Kerning, etc.) · Full system font support · X-Callback-URL schemes # NEXT-GEN FEATURES Stacks & Sheets · Modeless, App-Wide Search · Manual Sorting · Fully Customizable, Best-In-Class Keyboard Row · Sync With Multiple Dropbox, and/or WebDAV Accounts · Custom Fonts # IMPORT Single Files & Whole Folders From Dropbox, WebDAV and/or · Zipped Text Files # EXPORT Single Sheets, Multiple Sheets or Whole Stacks · Email, TXT, PDF, RTF and ZIP archive · ePub · Print · Convert Markdown Styles · Copy To Clipboard · Open TXTs, PDFs, RTFs, ePubs & ZIP Archives In iPad Apps That Support These File Types (e.g. Pages, iBooks) · Copy Stacks As Folders Via iTunes # SYNC Automatic · Manual · Basic Conflict Resolutions · Single Stacks Can Sync With Arbitrary Folders On Remote Hosts · Stacks Can Be Synced With Multiple Dropbox-, WebDAV- and Accounts · iCloud # TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Built for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch · Requires iOS 7 · Some Features May Require Third-Party Accounts or Supporting Apps # PRICING $ 0.99 · Sync Services, Color & Font Customization and File Export Are Available Via In-App-Purchase # LICENSE Standard App Store License


Daedalus Touch was thought-up, designed, built and originally released in spring 2011 for Apple’s revolutionary iPad. We set out to capture its magic of touch- and gesture-based interactions to breathe… life into the rather dull tasks of text editing and file organization.

We believe we’ve succeeded, and we truly hope that you'll have as much fun working with Daedalus as we had dreaming it up. Get in touch (no pun). Let us know how it fares.

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